Students interested in participating in the College Reach Out Program (CROP) or the Center of Excellence Program (COE) must complete the form below and meet specific criteria outlined on the College Reach Out Program and/or the Center of Excellence webpages.

Application Form

Student Information
School Information
Are you involved in
Student Personal Statement
Qualifying Information
Mother/Guardian Information
Physical Address
Mailing address
Father/Guardian Information
Physical Address
Mailing address
Emergency Information
Parent/Guardian Permission to Release School Records


As a parent or guardian of the applicant, I hereby give my permission for copies of the student’s transcripts and records to be released to Pasco-Hernando State College’s College Reach-Out Program. I have read this application and approve of the applicant’s participation in the program (i.e. after school tutoring, Super Saturday classes and fun days, field trips, and/or the CROP Summer Programs). I understand that my involvement in my child’s education is a major factor in his/her educational success. I further understand that the CROP Parent Association organization and/or meetings/workshops are important to my child’s success in the program, and I will do my best to participate at least three times per year as required.