What is the Mentors Program?

The PHSC Mentors Program matches College faculty, staff and student leaders with first time PHSC students to help them transition and adjust to college life. The program provides a unique and rewarding opportunity for faculty to connect with students one-on-one and provide educational advice, career guidance and life lessons. The Mentors Program is also an excellent opportunity for PHSC alumni, who appreciate the contribution PHSC made in their lives, to give back by helping the next generation of students succeed.

Who is eligible?

All first time PHSC students who are feeling overwhelmed by the responsibilities and stresses of transitioning into college life may find the Mentors Program of great value. Also eligible are students eager to learn and work toward professional advancement.  All that is needed is a willingness to be mentored and an hour each week for open conversation with your mentor. The Mentors Program is available at each campus on a space-available basis.

What do Mentors do?

Mentors serve as role models to students, drawing on real world experience to guide them in making the right choices, developing social and professional skills and to help them prepare for a successful future.

Mentors provide practical feedback and supportive educational and professional resources to help the student achieve his or her goals. The Mentor fosters growth and empowers students to take advantage of the support systems available at PHSC.

The student, or mentee, can expect to learn time management strategies, enhanced communication skills and develop effective interviewing and networking skills. Building on a foundation of mutual respect, the student will receive encouragement and guidance from their personal mentor.