Building Partnerships with Faith Communities

Pasco-Hernando State College’s Linking in Faith and Education (LIFE) program is designed to provide faith communities with educational opportunities.

PHSC LIFE program, along with community partners, offers a variety of customized presentations and workshops on campus and at faith-based and non-faith based community events throughout Hernando and Pasco counties. Presentations and workshops engage a general population within an organization or congregation, or tailored to specific audiences.

In addition to orchestrating outreach to encourage students of faith to consider higher education opportunities, LIFE establishes a faith-based support system that builds self-esteem and combats the fear of failure. Underscoring the significance of educational and career goals allows students of faith to thrive in a collegiate environment, encouraging belief in oneself through a meaningful life plan—leading to enriching academic experiences, satisfying careers, financial security and stable family, community and workplace relationships.


College Success Workshops

The PHSC LIFE program offers workshops designed to help students transition to a college environment, which supports PHSC’s mission to make higher education more accessible for all members of our community. College Success Workshops may include helping students develop an education plan for rewarding careers while others prepare students to enter the workforce.

LIFE often participates in job fairs supported by PHSC Career Services to provide students and the community with opportunities to network with local hiring organizations.

Personal Development Workshops

The LIFE program hosts a variety of programs on relevant topics such as behavioral health, leadership, building healthy relationships, financing college, and more.

Workshop participants explore how we interact and communicate with one another to enhance community and literacy development, pre-collegiate partnerships, ecological assessments, career pathways development, life skills development, and job readiness.

Success Academy

PHSC's Success Academy is managed through the LIFE program. Learn more about the Success Academy program on the Success Academy program web page.